Response International Group is well-known and recognized for its success in response, recovery, training responders, and planning for the consequences of terrorism. RIG dares to be different than the traditional consultant or response group. Response International Group’s personnel are a disciplined and wiser group. Response International Group “Clears the Way”, leading the charge and change towards improving the response, hazard identification, and the management of the consequences of a disaster or act of terrorism. Response International Group has recovered victims, debris, and hazardous materials from real incidents – resulting in numerous years of experience and knowledge. Our personnel, training programs and courses, and our boldness to be different, are the cornerstones of our value – second-to-none.

Our purpose is to provide a valued service supported by wisdom and knowledge obtained from real world response experience.

Our Mission is to enhance, when possible, the capacity of first responders to respond to and lessen the effects of incidents of terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction.